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“Frankly, I don’t feel anything, except that it smells like wine what”, “I wish I could talk about wine like you do! “Anyway, all the wines have the same taste”…


I have heard so many of these sentences around me and yet, we are in France, a country known throughout the world for the quality of its wines and its terroirs. In my opinion, no one should say that kind of thing anymore, whether in France or elsewhere!

Through this blog, I want to show as many people as possible that enjoying a wine and/or a spirit is not just for the elite. Every palate, yours, your best friend’s or your neighbour’s, is able to feel the nuances and subtleties of a wine. And if the terms to describe what you feel are missing or seem abstract to you today, my objective is that they will seem obvious to you tomorrow.

I created so that everyone can find for free and at any time what they need to enjoy a good bottle with friends at its best.


I therefore suggest that you meet us once a week for new articles on various topics related to your favourite drinks. Also find every day on social networks, new tips, tricks and tricks to make your dinners and aperitifs a success!
Through these experiences, I offer you my expertise and know-how of more than ten years in the world of wines and spirits.

This blog is made for you and adapts to your desires. That’s why I write my articles and advice based on YOUR requests and the questions you ask yourself in order to make a success of all your aperitifs and to finally be able to talk about wine on Sunday lunchtime with your father-in-law!

Come on, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, get started, I’ll catch up!

J'adore le vin et je me suis spécialisé depuis plusieurs années dans le whisky du monde entier. J'adore transmettre et échanger sur tous les métiers de bouche et/ou de service.

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Devenez un expert !


​"5O conseils sur le vin et les spiritueux"