A quick tour of the rum planet!


And yes, because just like whisky (read the article on single malt), rum is multiple. They can be found all over the world: Antilles, Venezuela, Mexico, Belize, Philippines, etc. You will find rum in just about every country that produces sugar cane. And yet even if they all come from the same raw material (sugar cane) each of these rums may have completely different expressions.

But then how to find your way in this tropical jungle of products. First thing to remember: rum is French, rum is English, ron is Spanish.


First of all, French rhum is for me the Rolls of rums: aromatic and powerful but always fine and delicate. This hrum comes to us from the French Antilles: Martinique and Guadeloupe in the lead! It is also subject to an A.O.C. We will then speak of agricultural rum. This requires that the rum be made only with sugar cane and not molasses or other cane honey.


Then the English rum will be softer and thinner. I have fond memories of a Barbancourt Rum tasting. English rums are a little more flattering than the powerful rums of Martinique.


As opposed to agricultural, we will speak here of industrial rum. The latter is made by distilling molasses. It is a brown mixture that is obtained after extracting the sugar cane and crushing the remaining cane.

Secondly, what bothers me here is that the term Spanish ron defines everything and nothing. There are softer and more aromatic rons made from the best molasses and cane honeys. But there are also a whole bunch of products that take advantage of the lack of transparency to add chemical agents such as flavour enhancers to “make” an inlaid product from scratch.

The success is however with the appointment! It’s kind of like drinking a Coke. We know it’s bad in every way… but good! This type of product is made to be appreciated, but it is not better to read the back label. And that’s good, because for rum there’s no back label! Practical.
It seems to me that the ron stands out by its white rons because (cuba in head) they are the best products for mixology and cocktails.

rhum cocktail bar recette


There you go! We chose our drink but now, what to do with this wonderful drink.


For my part, I think that old West Indian rhum should get the same respect from you as a spoonful of caviar. Drink it dry! Feel free to refresh it by placing it in the fridge for 15 minutes. You can also freeze grapes and use them as ice cubes to cool without diluting.


Although there are wonderful creators of arranged rums (“les rhums de Ced’” for example), for my part the real magic of arranged rum lies in the satisfaction of having made it yourself!

Buy a good bottle (once again, we don’t make good with bad!) and do your experiments: mango, spices, pineapple, cloves, essential oils,…
Do not add too much liquid sugar if you use naturally sweetened products (between 10 and 15 cl of liquid cane sugar per litre max.). Wait another 3 weeks to a month and let yourself be surprised. You will see that your rum will become better by the simple fact of having made your own small assembly.


Finally, I unfortunately don’t have enough imagination to create rums cocktails that come out of déjà vu!

It seems to me that there is no shortage of good cocktail bars in our capitals. And even more bartenders to sublimate this beautiful alcohol.

However, I let you visit this page of the Comptoir irlandais and its 21 COCKTAILS INCONTOURNABLES À BASE DE RHUM



NEISSON Le Rhum by Neisson 52.5%, Rhum Agricole, France / Martinique
CHALONG BAY Rum 40% Agriculture, Thailand
PERE LABAT 59% Agricole, France / Marie Galante

RHUM JM XO 45% Agriculture, France / Martinique
PACTO NAVIO 40% Molasses, Cuba (UN good Spanish ron)
PLANTATION RUM XO 20th Anniversary 40% Molasses, Barbados


And to be sure to find some sun this weekend, meet at the Parc Floral de Vincennes from April 7 to 9 2018(Monday being a day reserved for professionals) at Rum Fest Paris. It’s a really nice event (nothing sponsored in there, it’s just that I really like this show and this beautiful place ;-)).

See you soon,

Corentin – DesVinsaVous

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