During my years as a wine merchant, I advised my clients especially on the food and wine pairings, the wine to offer or the wines for their evenings. But very often I found myself giving advice to clients regarding the organization of their events and tasting workshops both personal and professional.

However, the most frequent feedback I could get were: “the agency was not up to the task“, “the wine was good, but the entertainment could be more fun“, “great evening on the theme of wine but we learned little about wine“.

I felt this frustration from my customers. I was just as frustrated with providing them with wine and not being able to help them and their guests take full advantage of it once they walked through the door of my shop!

That’s why today, thanks to DesVinsaVous, I’m not only in charge of finding your wines, but I’m now also in charge of organizing your event. From food and wine pairing, through catering to finding you a place off the beaten track, I take care of everything!

“The hardest thing about tailor-made is choosing.” – Don’t worry anymore, I’m here.

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Your workshop should be large without being complex. The key word: simplicity. So you can drink exceptional wines with your customers without wearing tuxedos. Indeed, the workshops must remain convivial because wine, like spirits, are products of sharing and exchange.

I understand what a quality evening can mean for your clients and for your brand image. After a workshop, I guarantee that your customers will remember you for a long time. I am here to help you create and strengthen relationships with your customers and partners.

During these workshops, I propose you to acquire new knowledge through play and exchange. My workshops are organized as a team quiz to understand and learn in a fun and dynamic way. By alternating wine and/or spirit tasting, exchange between the participants and with myself, you will certainly improve your knowledge on the chosen theme.

The most of my concept: self-confidence!

I am here to pass on knowledge about wines and spirits but also to challenge you! It is good to listen to a professional speak but the most important thing is to know how to put yourself into practice, even after the workshop.

My objective for you and your guests is that you leave with the feeling of really having the keys in hand to fully appreciate the wine.

Finally, we can define together the workshop that will suit:

  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Aperitif
  • Afterwork
  • Evening
  • Cocktail

Whether you are an SMB or a large company, we build together the workshop that suits you. And if you ever have no idea, I already have plenty of turnkey models.


On the other hand, the Corentin workshops are also a very good way to strengthen the link in your teams. For this purpose, I help you to organize your team-building workshop according to your objectives and your needs. Why not seeing things big with two days in the vineyards to combine relaxation and work? Or a dinner on food and wine pairing. The possibilities are many!


Whether you want to discover the Burgundy terroirs, Japanese whiskies, French aperitifs or gin making, we will define what you need for a successful, fun and relaxed tasting workshop.

For me, the most important thing is that you are fully satisfied with your event. Each product chosen, each place, whatever its price, is chosen for a single purpose: to satisfy you!


That’s it, you have the tasting of prepared, the animation of planned, the mets defined, but what of the place?

The places I propose you for your event are as varied as they are unusual. At a wine store, in a private hotel, in private rooms away from the world or even within your company, I adapt myself to your desires and your budget.

Indeed, the goal of my workshops is to awaken the senses of your guests as much by the wine and food, but also by the sounds and atmosphere of the place where your tasting workshop will take place. To make it simple, you will live an immersive experience in the heart of wine and spirits!

Your Wines to You workshops take place in Paris and Ile de France. However, I remain open and flexible as for the requests outside this zone, do not hesitate to contact me!


Excellent question, and thank you for asking. By booking Corentin’s workshops, you can be sure of a successful event. You are sure to keep the same interlocutor all evening because I will be there from the birth of your project until the departure of your customers at the end of the workshop.

It is above all because, through these tasting workshops, I put at your service 11 years of experience in the world of wine and service.


Since the end of 2017, Corentin’s workshops have continued to gain in authority and attract new customers at each new event.


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Of course, it is always difficult to give a price when you make custom quotes. That is why I will give you an order of idea that corresponds to the workshops that I have most frequently.

For 10 to 15 people :

  • Privatization of a place 3h
  • Delicatessen and cheese buffet
  • 5 Wines
  • Animation 2h

Count on average between 130€ and 200€ht per guest.

Indeed, the price varies a lot according to the place and the quality of the products. However, if there is one thing to remember, it is that I will always offer you a fair and balanced rate.

Do not hesitate to ask me clearly and without detour your needs. I will answer you in the same way so that our exchanges are clear and unequivocal.

Thank you for your attention. You can contact me now to arrange an appointment at your convenience.

See you soon,

Corentin – DesVinsaVous

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